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 “I Don’t Think She’s Acting!”

The much ballyhooed Blood Bite Part Nine is now in the casting phase and if my insider spy network can be believed, the auditions have been, well, to be quite honest, bizarre! Kellyanne Conway seems to have the inside track on the supporting role of a visiting werewolf relative from Washington, D. C, because …  UNDERBITE!!!!

Seriously, while Parker Posey spent five hours in the makeup chair getting those bottom fangs and prosthetic lower jaw created layer by layer, special effects artists are said to have dabbed a few splotches of foundation on Conway, stepped back and said, “OK. You’re good to go. Be careful you don’t bite your own tongue off.”

Apparently, Conway gave veteran actresses auditioning for the same part a real clinic on how to deliver blood curdling diatribes while sporting fearsome fangs on the bottom jaw with nary a trace of sibilance in her snarkiness.

With true method acting becoming so prevalent on the BB-9 set, can Roger Stone be far behind?

Locking myself indoors on the next full moon, this is Jim Blasingame signing off!

Jim Blasingame, Hollywood Hotline