Life isn’t easy when you go to Ronald Reagan Junior High. The teachers are weird, the cross-country team doesn’t have any funding, and the cafeteria never has the right food on the right day!

But for Andrea Deandrea Hafferton, typical teen suckiness gets ratcheted to a new level after an accident in the school science lab curses her with the world’s most awkward disorder: she mutates into a ferocious “werechicken” during the most inconvenient times.

Night of the Chicken is a family friendly radio play series written by Carrie Behrens. The show is performed onstage with live sound effects at Space 55 theater in downtown Phoenix.

Episode 1: The Origin Story

After an accident in the school science lab Andi starts to experience some very strange and embarrassing chicken-like symptoms. Meanwhile, a series of suspicious events have befallen the school, and Mr.K—Andi’s prickly biology teacher—is acting pretty mysterious himself. 

This is the original version of episode one.

Episode 1: Origin of the Subspecies

New and improved! After producing the first four episodes, and learning a LOT along the way, Carrie went back and completely rewrote and reproduced episode one. More characters. More sound effects. More fun.

This is is episode one… THE REBOOT!

Episode 2: Rise of Aunt Lulu

As Andi struggles to keep her “fowl” new condition from destroying her life, her arrogant cross-country rival start become suspicious of her secret. To make matters worse, a messy rumor has infected the school, forcing Andi to team up with Mr.K to perform damage control.

Episode 2: The Venda Gram of DOOM!

New and improved! A completely different version of episode two. The story may have changed, but all our favorite characters return, along with some really fun new ones. Featuring original music from Emily Susan Pack!

This is is episode two… THE REBOOT!

Episode 3: Revenge of the Angry Booger

Andi’s already complicated life reaches whole new levels of disaster and humiliation when she goes head-to-head with bullies, unflattering outfits, and the mysterious feline that’s been terrorizing her friends. 

Episode 4: The Curse of the Crusty Claw

Andi’s struggle to contain her “monstrous” secret becomes even harder as she is hounded by nosy reporters, forced to give a disastrous speech, and learns the worst news of all: Taco Tuesday is cancelled!