Life isn’t easy when you go to Ronald Reagan Junior High. The teachers are weird, the cross-country team doesn’t have any funding, and the cafeteria never has the right food on the right day!

But for Andrea Deandrea Hafferton, typical teen suckiness gets ratcheted to a new level after an accident in the school science lab curses her with the world’s most awkward disorder: she mutates into a ferocious “werechicken” during the most inconvenient times.

Night of the Chicken is a family friendly radio play series written by Carrie Behrens. The show is performed onstage with live sound effects at Space 55 theater in downtown Phoenix.

Episode 1: The Origin Story

After an accident in the school science lab Andi starts to experience some very strange and embarrassing chicken-like symptoms. Meanwhile, a series of suspicious events have befallen the school, and Mr.K—Andi’s prickly biology teacher—is acting pretty mysterious himself. 

Episode 2: Rise of Aunt Lulu

As Andi struggles to keep her new “condition” from taking over her life, her arrogant cross-country rival becomes suspicious of her secret. To make matters worse, a messy rumor has infected the school, forcing Andi to team up with Mr.K to perform damage control.

Episode 3: Revenge of the Angry Booger

Andi’s already complicated life reaches whole new levels of disaster and humiliation when she goes head-to-head with bullies, unflattering outfits, and the mysterious feline that’s been terrorizing her friends. 

Episode 4: The Curse of the Crusty Claw

Andi’s struggle to contain her “monstrous” secret becomes even harder as she is hounded by nosy reporters, forced to give a disastrous speech, and learns the worst news of all: Taco Tuesday is cancelled!