Night of the Chicken – Episode 3

Andi’s already complicated life reaches whole new levels of disaster and humiliation when she goes head-to-head with bullies, unflattering outfits, and the mysterious feline that’s been terrorizing her friends.

This episode was performed live at Space 55 in October of 2013.

Written by Carrie Behrens
Directed by Charlie Steak

Featuring the voice talents of…
Elizabeth Athetis as Andi Hafferton.
Willa Eigo as Bitzi and Amy Rodriguez.
Kevin Flanagan as Matt and Dominic.
Ashley Naftule as Reggie Funkhouser
Richard Briggs as Mr.K, Mr. Sprocket and Reggie’s dad.
BJ Garrett as Jay Travers.
Leslie Barton as Principal Ludwig and Lottie the Lunchlady.

Live sound effects were performed by Dennis Frederick and Carrie Behrens.
Belle Ransom was the stage manager and tech operator.