Night of the Chicken – Episode 4 – The Curse of the Crusty Claw

Andi’s struggle to contain her “monstrous” secret becomes even harder as she is hounded by nosy reporters, forced to give a disastrous speech, and learns the worst news of all: Taco Tuesday is cancelled!

This episode was performed live at Space 55 in January of 2017.

Written by Carrie Behrens
Directed by Kim Porter

Featuring the voice talents of…
Shae Benton as Andi Hafferton
Kendall Pack as Matt, Janitor Jamm, and Macauley Woodward Walters O’Neil
Danen Downs as Mr.K and Dad.
David Magadan as Jay Travers.
Amy Carpenter as Principal Ludwig and Lottie the Lunchlady.
Puneet Bajwa as Bitzi and Mrs. Herkle-Merkle.
Genevieve Gruenig as Melissa Bickers and the Plumber.

Live sound effects were performed by Ashley Naftule and Carrie Behrens.
Colette Porter-Kaplan was the stage manager and tech operator.