Night of the Chicken – Episode 1 – Origin of the SubSpecies

After an accident in the school science lab Andi starts to experience some very strange and embarrassing chicken-like symptoms…

This is Episode One: The Reboot.

This episode was performed live at Space 55 in January and February of 2018.

Written by Carrie Behrens
Directed by Kim Porter

Featuring the voice talents of…
Vickie Hall as Andi Hafferton.
Kendall Pack as Matt, Janitor Jamm, and Diego Darkcanyon.
Andrew Hadder as Mr.K, Dad, and French Policeman.
BJ Garrett as Jay Travers, the other dad, Shawn P, and the Villager.
Amy Carpenter as Principal Ludwig, Lottie the Lunchlady, Kiki, Morbid Monica, and Lucy.
Puneet Bajwa as Bitzi, Creepy Crystal, Mrs. Herkle-Merkle, and Emma.

Live sound effects were performed by Annika Cline and Carrie Behrens.

This production won three AriZONI awards!
Actress in a major role – Vickie Hall
Original Script – Carrie Behrens
Overall Production