Night of the Chicken – Episode 2 – The Venda Gram of DOOM

As Andi struggles to keep her “fowl” new condition from destroying her life, her friends, dads, and arrogant cross-country rival start become suspicious of her secret. To make matters worse, there’s a monster in her head that won’t leave her alone!

This is episode 2… THE REBOOT!

This episode was performed live at Space 55 in February and March of 2019.

Written by Carrie Behrens
Directed by Kim Porter

Featuring the voice talents of…
Meredith Howell as Andi Hafferton
Jacob Stovall as Matt, Janitor Jamm, Diego Darkcanyon, and Dana the Plant.
Javier Gilmore as Mr.K, Dad, Doctor Villain, and Farko.
BJ Garrett as Jay Travers, the Other Dad, and Mrs. Fong.
Amy Carpenter as Principal Ludwig, Lottie the Lunchlady, Morbid Monica, and Princess Pegasus
Puneet Bajwa as Bitzi, Creepy Crystal, Mrs. Herkle-Merkle, and Poppy.

Princess Pegasus theme was song written and performed by Emily Susan Pack.

Live sound effects were performed by Aleksandra Hollis and Carrie Behrens.
Christian Baum was the stage manager and tech operator.