Night of the Chicken – Episode 2

As Andi struggles to keep her new “condition” from taking over her life, her arrogant cross-country rival becomes suspicious of her secret. To make matters worse, a messy rumor has infected the school, forcing Andi to team up with Mr.K to perform damage control.

This episode was performed live at Space 55 in February of 2012.

Written by Carrie Behrens
Directed by Shawna Franks

Featuring the voice talents of…
Justine Hartley as Andi Hafferton.
Makala Close as Bitzi.
Kevin Commons as Matt.
Duane Daniels as Mr.K.
Spencer Dooley as Jay Travers.
Leslie Barton as Principal Ludwig.

Live sound effects were performed by Richard Briggs and Carrie Behrens.
Ashley Naftule was the stage manager.