Night of the Chicken – Episode 1 – Origin Story

After an accident in the school science lab Andi starts to experience some very strange and embarrassing chicken-like symptoms. Meanwhile, a series of suspicious events have befallen the school, and Mr.K—Andi’s prickly biology teacher—is acting pretty mysterious himself.

This was the first ever production of Night of the Chicken! It was performed live at Space 55 in December of 2009.

Written by Carrie Behrens
Directed by Shawna Franks

Featuring the voice talents of…
Elizabeth Athetis as Andi Hafferton.
Alyson Malony as Bitzi.
Ryan Gaumont as Matt.
Bob Fisher as Mr.K.

Live sound effects were performed by Richard Briggs and Carrie Behrens.
Shawn Robinson was the tech operator.