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You may think that a movie series entitled Blood Bite, with its just released 8th installment starring a main character who bears the catchy cool name, Diego Darkcanyon—a dude who turns into a badass-mean werewolf whenever he gets a bit peeved—may signal must-see-popcorn-movie-fun heaven. But, you would, for the 8th time, be mistaken.

The problems with plot, writing, set design, costume design, corny Casio keyboard score, chaotic cinematography—not to speak of the deplorable, eh, atrocious acting—are evident just within the underwhelming pre-credits opening.

And that Mr. Darkcanyon waits 8 episodes to disclose his secret to his girlfriend, only to regret it is unfathomable. Really, Diego, you’ve had 7 episodes to mull this disclosure over, play it out countless times in your head, talk it over with a handful of fellow werewolves, spend numerous sessions with your psychotherapist on it—and you still have your regrets?

Jen Mansfield, Starchild Cinema Blog